A postman with a fondness for felines has turned his morning round into a “Street Mogs” spotting blog.

Gareth Lewis, 42, from Banstead, started documenting the many cats he meets on his rounds across Wimbledon in September capturing each mog on camera, assigning them a street name based on its location and an imaginative nickname.

Some recent examples include Fig Roll, 50 Cent, Bovril and Jean Luc. 

Mr Lewis said: “I suddenly realised how many different cats I was seeing in all the streets.

“I covered lots of different walks and I’m all over Wimbledon so I just kept noticing them and thought, ‘Wouldn’t it be nice to keep a record of these’.

“Then I got the idea of cataloguing and commenting on them all.

“It’s a spontaneous thing and a gut feeling because you tend to call a cat something when you see them.

“Generally it’s based on what they look like but I find I’m naming many of them after food.”

The former Spanish teacher has now “collected” more than 60 felines since starting work as a postman earlier this year.  

He added: “If there is an owner around, I will tell them what I’m doing because it looks a bit strange.

“I have had a few funny looks.

“I like to keep records and always have done.

“I used to keep diaries so I think I’m a little bit compulsive and I like to write and play around with words and have some humour.

“Really it was just for my own entertainment.”

Has your cat been “collected” in Mr Lewis’s blog?  Visit streetmog.blogspot.co.uk.