Steve Reed is the new MP of Croydon North.

The Labour candidate, who was the outstanding favourite to win the seat, received 15,898 votes out of a possible 24, 680.

Andy Stranack, the Conservative candidate, got 4,137 votes, with UKIP’s Winston McKenzie getting 1,400.

Speaking after his victory, Steve Reed said: “I am delighted that the people of Croydon North have given such a strong mandate to the Labour party.

“People have told me about the issues they are concerned about in recent weeks and they have voted like they said they would.

“It is humbling to replace a man like Malcolm Wicks. What struck me when I was campaigning was how many people knew him personally.

“Following in the footsteps of someone like him is very humbling indeed.

He added: “Andy Stranack is a decent man and fought a fair and challenging campaign. I hope Andy finds a seat somewhere that he can win for his party, he is a good MP.”

Andy Stranack, speaking after the result was announced, said he was disappointed to lose but wished Steve Reed well.

He said: “I am obviously disappointed with this evening, but when you look at the context of this election it is understandable it was going to be a difficult fight in a Labour stronghold.

“It has been great getting out on the doorstep and meeting hundreds and hundreds of people and listening to what they have to say.

He added: “The rich diversity of cultures is fantastic, we have visited Sikh temples amongst other places and it has just been an amazing experience.

“I hope I can build on the links I have made in this campaign and still be a champion for the people of Croydon. My heart is still for Croydon.”

On Steve Reed, Mr Stranack said: “Steve has been a respectful and kind opponent. I hope like Malcolm Wicks he can be a great community MP.

“His background is very much in professional politics, I am sure he can step into Malcolm Wick’s shoes but they are big ones to fill.”

The full results are as follows. 1) Steve Reed, Labour, 15898; 2) Andy Stranack, Conservative, 4137; 3) Winston McKenzie, UKIP, 14oo; 4) Marisha Ray, Liberal Democrats, 860; 5) Shasha Khan, Green Party, 855; 6) Lee Jasper, Respect Party, 707; 7) Stephen Hammond, Christian Peoples Alliance, 192; 8) Charles Edmonds, National Front, 161; 9) Ben Stevenson, The Communist Party Candidate, 119; 10) John Cartwright, Official Monster Raving Loony Party, 110; Simon Robert Lane, nine eleven was an inside job, 66; 12) Robin Smith, Young People’s Party, 63.