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A total of 81 sales were recorded in Grantully Road since January 2005. Click on an address for a map and further information, including local schools, hospitals, crime figures and more.

Sale dateAddressPriceProperty typeLease type
Oct 30 2013Flat 38 Leith Mansions Grantully Road£1,150,000Flat/MaisonetteLeasehold
Oct 1 2013Flat 28 Leith Mansions Grantully Road£940,000Flat/MaisonetteLeasehold
Jul 10 2013Flat 84 Leith Mansions Grantully Road£985,000Flat/MaisonetteLeasehold
Jul 5 2013Flat 39 Leith Mansions Grantully Road£960,000Flat/MaisonetteLeasehold
Apr 4 2013Flat 21 Leith Mansions Grantully Road£950,000Flat/MaisonetteLeasehold
Feb 20 2013Flat 97 Leith Mansions Grantully Road£922,500Flat/MaisonetteLeasehold
Nov 30 2012Flat 49 Ashworth Mansions Grantully Road£870,000Flat/MaisonetteLeasehold
Nov 2 2012Flat 26 Leith Mansions Grantully Road£965,000Flat/MaisonetteLeasehold
Aug 6 2012Flat 104 Leith Mansions Grantully Road£850,000Flat/MaisonetteLeasehold
Jul 30 2012Flat 39 Leith Mansions Grantully Road£800,000Flat/MaisonetteLeasehold
Jul 20 2012Flat 73 Ashworth Mansions Grantully Road£950,000Flat/MaisonetteLeasehold
Jul 12 2012Flat 47 Ashworth Mansions Grantully Road£750,000Flat/MaisonetteLeasehold
Jun 22 2012Flat 91 Leith Mansions Grantully Road£870,000Flat/MaisonetteLeasehold
Jun 1 2012Flat 37 Leith Mansions Grantully Road£957,000Flat/MaisonetteLeasehold
Mar 30 2012Flat 80 Ashworth Mansions Grantully Road£901,897Flat/MaisonetteLeasehold
Mar 27 2012Flat 78 Ashworth Mansions Grantully Road£890,000Flat/MaisonetteLeasehold
Sep 30 2011Flat 33 Leith Mansions Grantully Road£890,000Flat/MaisonetteLeasehold
Jun 14 2011Flat 52 Leith Mansions Grantully Road£760,000Flat/MaisonetteLeasehold
May 31 2011Flat 30 Leith Mansions Grantully Road£835,000Flat/MaisonetteLeasehold
Mar 25 2011Flat 88 Ashworth Mansions Grantully Road£862,000Flat/MaisonetteLeasehold
Feb 28 2011Flat 57 Ashworth Mansions Grantully Road£810,000Flat/MaisonetteLeasehold
Feb 28 2011Flat 56 Ashworth Mansions Grantully Road£830,000Flat/MaisonetteLeasehold
Feb 18 2011Flat 86 Leith Mansions Grantully Road£715,000Flat/MaisonetteLeasehold
Jan 31 2011Flat 49 Ashworth Mansions Grantully Road£700,000Flat/MaisonetteLeasehold
Jan 14 2011Flat 2 Leith Mansions Grantully Road£715,000Flat/MaisonetteLeasehold
Dec 10 2010Flat 48 Ashworth Mansions Grantully Road£750,000Flat/MaisonetteLeasehold
Sep 10 2010Flat 66 Leith Mansions Grantully Road£750,000Flat/MaisonetteLeasehold
Aug 6 2010Flat 84 Leith Mansions Grantully Road£760,000Flat/MaisonetteLeasehold
Jul 30 2010Flat 44 Leith Mansions Grantully Road£697,500Flat/MaisonetteLeasehold
Jul 9 2010Flat 72 Leith Mansions Grantully Road£710,000Flat/MaisonetteLeasehold
May 28 2010Flat 83 Leith Mansions Grantully Road£675,000Flat/MaisonetteLeasehold
Apr 26 2010Flat 37 Leith Mansions Grantully Road£710,000Flat/MaisonetteLeasehold
Mar 26 2010Flat 79 Ashworth Mansions Grantully Road£735,000Flat/MaisonetteLeasehold
Mar 25 2010Flat 19 Leith Mansions Grantully Road£658,000Flat/MaisonetteLeasehold
Nov 26 2009Flat 11 Leith Mansions Grantully Road£185,000Flat/MaisonetteFreehold
Nov 13 2009Flat 34 Leith Mansions Grantully Road£680,000Flat/MaisonetteLeasehold
Nov 6 2009Flat 14 Leith Mansions Grantully Road£585,000Flat/MaisonetteLeasehold
Oct 7 2009Flat 59 Ashworth Mansions Grantully Road£680,000Flat/MaisonetteLeasehold
Oct 1 2009Flat 6 Leith Mansions Grantully Road£780,000Flat/MaisonetteLeasehold
Sep 24 2009Flat 50 Ashworth Mansions Grantully Road£535,000Flat/MaisonetteLeasehold
Sep 7 2009Flat 55 Leith Mansions Grantully Road£645,000Flat/MaisonetteLeasehold
Jul 24 2009Flat 80 Ashworth Mansions Grantully Road£610,000Flat/MaisonetteLeasehold
Jul 3 2009Flat 5 Leith Mansions Grantully Road£625,000Flat/MaisonetteLeasehold
Jun 12 2009Flat 86 Leith Mansions Grantully Road£530,000Flat/MaisonetteLeasehold
Jul 22 2008Flat 47 Ashworth Mansions Grantully Road£675,000Flat/MaisonetteLeasehold
Jul 8 2008Flat 24 Leith Mansions Grantully Road£695,000Flat/MaisonetteLeasehold
Feb 22 2008Flat 88 Ashworth Mansions Grantully Road£750,000Flat/MaisonetteLeasehold
Jan 25 2008Flat 72 Ashworth Mansions Grantully Road£500,000Flat/MaisonetteLeasehold
Jan 4 2008Flat 17 Leith Mansions Grantully Road£750,000Flat/MaisonetteLeasehold
Oct 31 2007Flat 53 Ashworth Mansions Grantully Road£765,000Flat/MaisonetteLeasehold
Oct 22 2007Flat 98 Leith Mansions Grantully Road£770,000Flat/MaisonetteLeasehold
Oct 10 2007Flat 75 Ashworth Mansions Grantully Road£620,000Flat/MaisonetteLeasehold
Sep 28 2007Flat 65 Ashworth Mansions Grantully Road£710,000Flat/MaisonetteLeasehold
Sep 3 2007Flat 21 Leith Mansions Grantully Road£590,000Flat/MaisonetteLeasehold
Jul 9 2007Flat 38 Leith Mansions Grantully Road£703,000Flat/MaisonetteLeasehold
Apr 20 2007Flat 74 Leith Mansions Grantully Road£499,500Flat/MaisonetteLeasehold
Mar 22 2007Flat 33 Leith Mansions Grantully Road£573,251Flat/MaisonetteLeasehold
Jan 12 2007Flat 28 Leith Mansions Grantully Road£539,000Flat/MaisonetteLeasehold
Jan 9 2007Flat 14 Leith Mansions Grantully Road£525,000Flat/MaisonetteLeasehold
Dec 20 2006Flat 23 Leith Mansions Grantully Road£525,000Flat/MaisonetteLeasehold
Dec 7 2006Flat 98 Leith Mansions Grantully Road£554,000Flat/MaisonetteLeasehold
Nov 30 2006Flat 99 Leith Mansions Grantully Road£555,000Flat/MaisonetteLeasehold
Nov 23 2006Flat 65 Ashworth Mansions Grantully Road£475,000Flat/MaisonetteLeasehold
Oct 9 2006Flat 88 Ashworth Mansions Grantully Road£499,950Flat/MaisonetteLeasehold
Oct 6 2006Flat 61 Ashworth Mansions Grantully Road£565,500Flat/MaisonetteLeasehold
Aug 3 2006Flat 53 Ashworth Mansions Grantully Road£487,500Flat/MaisonetteLeasehold
Jul 31 2006Flat 84 Ashworth Mansions Grantully Road£499,000Flat/MaisonetteLeasehold
Jul 20 2006Flat 35 Leith Mansions Grantully Road£450,000Flat/MaisonetteLeasehold
Jun 30 2006Flat 89 Ashworth Mansions Grantully Road£550,000Flat/MaisonetteLeasehold
Mar 27 2006Flat 48 Ashworth Mansions Grantully Road£449,950Flat/MaisonetteLeasehold
Feb 16 2006Flat 104 Leith Mansions Grantully Road£432,500Flat/MaisonetteLeasehold
Feb 10 2006Flat 49 Ashworth Mansions Grantully Road£472,000Flat/MaisonetteLeasehold
Feb 6 2006Flat 32 Leith Mansions Grantully Road£460,000Flat/MaisonetteLeasehold
Nov 2 2005Flat 50 Leith Mansions Grantully Road£460,000Flat/MaisonetteLeasehold
Jul 28 2005Flat 77 Leith Mansions Grantully Road£472,000Flat/MaisonetteLeasehold
Jul 4 2005Flat 54 Ashworth Mansions Grantully Road£430,000Flat/MaisonetteLeasehold
Apr 28 2005Flat 89 Leith Mansions Grantully Road£493,000Flat/MaisonetteLeasehold
Apr 26 2005Flat 56 Ashworth Mansions Grantully Road£366,613Flat/MaisonetteLeasehold
Apr 15 2005Flat 21 Leith Mansions Grantully Road£420,000Flat/MaisonetteLeasehold
Apr 6 2005Flat 57 Ashworth Mansions Grantully Road£452,500Flat/MaisonetteLeasehold
Mar 23 2005Flat 73 Ashworth Mansions Grantully Road£400,000Flat/MaisonetteLeasehold

Average Sold Prices for Grantully Road

TypeSalesAverage Price
Flat/Maisonette81 £669,916
All81 £669,916

Map showing Grantully Road

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