A hilarious new play is coming to Croydon that will leave the audience dying with laughter.

Soap Opera is a funny murder mystery set behind the scenes of a fictional failing TV soap Hollyenders Street.

The show has been on air for almost 20 years but over a period of time the ratings have fallen through the floor.

In the end a new producer is recruited to save Hollyenders Street from being axed.

Everything has been changed from actors being replaced to the theme tune being rewritten. Before the 20th anniversary, somebody snaps.

Blood is spilled, a body is found and everyone has a motive.

Detective Emmerside, who happens to be a life-long fan, arrives to solve the case. Will the show be saved? Will the murderer be found? Will Detective Emmerside get a full set of autographs?

The answer to all these questions and more is... probably.

Soap Opera has an all-star cast from the world of TV and soap including famous EastEnders villain Leslie Grantham, aka Dirty Den.

He is joined by The Bill’s Graham Cole, Brookside’s Louis Emerick, former EastEnder Michelle Gayle and Hattie Hayridge from Red Dwarf.

Soap Opera; Fairfield Halls Croydon; September 25 to 29, 7.30pm; £18, concessions £14; call 020 8688 9291, visit fairfield.co.uk.