Eurovision fans will not have to go far to enjoy some cheesy sing-songs when the Ram Jam Club hosts its own song contest night next week, writes Flavie Belanco.

The Eurovision Song Contest takes all the memorable aspects of the competition, from its over hype to its constant cheering and squeezes it down into the Ram Jam Club’s self-contained intimate venue.

According to the club everyone will be allocated a country, a flag and song sheet, to make sure each country has someone shouting for it.

The winner in the room will get a prize and any country with nul points will also get a prize.

Organiser Katie Fletcher says: “It is going to be fun. It is really silly. Last year I got Great Britain. I got a sinking feeling but there’s a prize for last as well. This cheesy, over-hyped, over-schmaltzy, money-grabbing exercise was so much fun to watch with a crowd last year, we’re doing it again.”

She backed crooner Engelbert Humperdinck to do well with the older audiences.

Eurovision Song Contest Night; the Grey Horse and Ram Jam Club, 46 Richmond Road, Kingston; May 26, 8pm; £2;