Imagine getting a text from your boss stating the next time you come into work he will be pouring 50 litres of icy cold water on you.

Well, this is what happened to the ‘lucky’ staff at The Old Bank pub in Sutton, who are all doing the ALS ice bucket challenge.

It started on Monday with assistant manager Sean Markham who was nominated by one of the pub’s regulars.

Warning: Some of the videos contain swearing.

And then he shared the experience by nominating three of the bar staff and this has rolled on with every one of them due to have completed it by the end of the week.

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Abbey Coleman douses herself in icy water for the ALS ice bucket challenge

Mr Markham said: “The girls weren’t thrilled about it and I got a couple of abusive text messages on my phone and they were a bit perturbed at first.

“But they had a lot of fun and everyone has been trying to go one better than the person who has gone before.

“It started with me out there in the rain having 50 litres of ice water dumped on my head and then two of the girls wanted 50 litres then two bags of iced water on their heads.”

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Hannah Headland and Charly Moss got soaked for charity 

The pub in the High Street regularly raises money for charity so Mr Markham said this was an opportunity they could not miss.

He added: “It’s great that something that can be a lot of fun can raise a lot of money for a good cause.

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Iona Conway regrets her choice of seat outside The Old Bank in Sutton

“If we can do something to make a difference then that is what we do.”

All the videos appear in this article and Mr Markham said his (shown below) and the one with fellow assistant manager Rob Wheatley are the best because they did it in their underwear.



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He said: “Mine and Rob’s are by far the most entertaining just because of what we were wearing.

“I was sitting in a pair of purple pants at 11.30am on Monday and it was extremely cold.”

What is the ice bucket challenge?

The Ice Bucket Challenge aims to raise awareness of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), a chronic neurological disorder causing muscle weakness.

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Nigel Wilson gets an icy punishment from the fashion police

It started in the United States of America, ALS is known as motor neurone disease in the United Kingdom.

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Leanne Moore does not stay warm for long in her hoodie

The challenge has gone viral on social media as a result of each participant nominating three others.

People who take the challenge, and their friends and family, are encouraged to donate to the Motor Neurone Disease Association.

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Melissa Coyne wishes she was in Paris instead of getting soaked in Sutton

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The ALS ice bucket challenge still happens at night, as Anna Lakey finds out 

It is unclear how the challenge originated but former Boston College baseball player Pete Frates, who was diagnosed with ALS in 2011, is thought to have inspired it.

Click here to find out more about Motor Neurone Disease.