The 89th Oscar ceremony will be remembered for and spoken about for years to come. Not because  it was a spectacular event but because of a spectacular Oscar screw-up.

La La Land was expected to win Best Picture and was mistakenly awarded the Oscar by veteran actor Warren Beatty and was announced by fellow actor Faye Dunaway who was with Beatty when they announced the nominations.

The whole cast and crew of La La Land made their way up to the stage and got as far as making their heart felt acceptance speeches, unaware that the actual winner was the film Moonlight.

La La Land Producer, Jordan Horowitz realises that a mistake had been made and takes charge of the microphone and snatches the winning card from Warren Beatty’s hand and tells the whole world that the winners card is showing Moonlight as Best Picture.

Horowitz announced “There’s a mistake, Moonlight, You guys won best picture.” And added  “ This is no joke. Moonlight has won best picture!”

It appears that the blame was not Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway’s fault but the fault of the two people whose only job was to make sure that the stars receive the correct envelope.

It’s a shame that this blunder overshadowed many of the other winning films as the only talk of Tinsel town is the momentous mistake.

The main winners and losers list to follow.