A monthly art fair promising to exhibit anyone who enters launches next month.

The Temporary Art Fair will show up to 35 artists in a fun, informal way, selling art in the same style as a craft fair or boot sale.

A soundtrack will be provided by DJs all day, with an after party from 7pm.

It is free to attend and fees have also been waived for artists to showcase their work.

Artists do not have to submit their work in advance, marking it as different to traditional art shows.

Founder Jeffrey Louis-Reed, who is also an artist, said he came up with the idea after finding art fairs and shows too expensive to enter.

He said: " I've been asked for several years by my artist friends to organise art shows and exhibitions as I promote large art club and music parties and this was a logical extension.

"We decided to not censor or limit what an artist shows, as artists have been telling us about widespread censorship - even at supposedly cool venues."

"The response from the artists has been great. Even without launching it in an official way or even sending out press releases, word of mouth seems to be spreading this event and that's great news."

Artists Shuby, David Caines and Holly-Anne Buck will be showcasing their work in the first fair next month.

London based artist Shuby uses print, collage and photography to create original, kitsch pictures that revel in absurdity and irony, guaranteed to light up the room.

Art connoisseurs can also check out work by Australian Holly-Anne Buck, encompassing her love of fashion in her paintings.

The Temporary Art Fair, Tooting Tram and Social, Mitcham Road, Tooting, April 1, 11am-7pm, after party 7pm-12am, admission free, visit temporaryartfair.tumblr.com