An exhibition is showcasing artwork drawn by dogs, with a Picasso, Poussin or Pollock hidden in every pooch.

The Drawings By Dogs exhibition, in the Gallery on the Corner, Battersea Park Road, aims to raise money for Battersea Dogs and Cats Home.

Tom Webber, 28, of Battersea, and Tom Lakeman, 29, of Wapping, came up with the idea while watching a friend’s dog frantically push a food bowl around the kitchen.

The art is created by attaching an oil pastel underneath a food bowl and placing white card underneath, so this modern art really is the dog's breakfast.

Pictures are produced by the dog pushing the bowl around, with the pair running the project for a year.

Dog owners are invited to bring their pets along and create their own drawings to feature in the gallery.

Current and former Battersea dogs are also taking part, with the gallery aiming to raise the profile of long-term Battersea dogs home residents.

Mr Webber, who works in advertising, said: “On the opening night we are trying to get as many people with dogs down as we can. Big dogs do more wild drawings. Some of the smaller dogs are very dainty and delicate.

“There was one dog that drew something that looked like a cat, that was one of the early drawings.”

The exhibition is open from October 11 to 20, with a private viewing event on October 11.

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