Schools in Wandsworth are set to lose 150 teachers by 2021 as part of £7.7 million in government cuts, it is claimed.

The figures were highlighted by Wandsworth Labour, who say one secondary school alone will lose ten teachers and five teaching assistants under the new National Funding Formula plans.

Cllr Jeremy Ambache, Labour's speaker on education, said parents' opposition had already forced a revision of the cuts by secretary of state for education Justine Greening, who is also MP for Putney. But he urged parents to keep up the pressure.

He said: “Schools in Wandsworth are facing a double whammy. They are being forced to meet unfunded extra costs to pay for pensions, national insurance, business rates, apprenticeship levy and the national minimum wage. From next year, they are facing budget cuts as part of the Government’s so called fairer-funding formula.

“Of course the impact of these cuts is greater for the least well off pupils whose parents are not able to pay for their children to participate in arts and sport outside school.”

The issue was also raised by Wandsworth Labour leader Simon Hogg at Wednesday night's full council meeting when he asked whether the council would "vigorously lobby" the government for fairer funding for local schools.

But Wandsworth Council leader Cllr Ravi Govindia (Conservative) said the £7.7 million figure was "out-of-date" and accused Cllr Hogg of "politically motivated misinformation."

He said: “On July 17, the Secretary of State for Education [Justine Greening] made a speech to Parliament in which she announced that an additional £1.3 billion would be made available for schools across 2018 to 19 and 2019 to 20 in addition to the £4 billion already committed.

“This gives a total very close to the £5.6 billion which London Councils has estimated schools need. The Secretary of State also gave a commitment that funding will increase by a minimum of 0.5 per cent per pupil in each of the next two years.”

Wandsworth Labour took their figures from the National Education Union’s (NEU) campaign website School Cuts, which looked at the core schools budget that was published by the Government.

For the statistics and figures used by Wandsworth Labour, visit here.