A new service coming to Croydon is hoping to take the fight to dry eye disease.

New research reveals women in Croydon will cry 4,680 times over their adult lifetime – more than twice as much as men, a study has found.

That's 72 times a year, or six times a month.

Strangely enough the study found men are less embarrassed about crying in front of others. Four in ten claimed they wouldn’t be bothered about shedding a tear in public compared to just a third of women.

Watery and red eyes don’t always point to crying - with a quarter of people admitting they are often left with teary eyes caused by wind or cold weather.

Optometrist at All in One Eyecare in Croydon, Jaime Patel, said: “For many of us, crying is simply a healthy way of expressing our emotions, but for some, there can be a more serious reason for their watery eyes.

"Dry eye disease can affect many of us and leave us shedding tears for all the wrong reasons.

“It’s caused by concentration and not blinking as often as we should, which causes dry spots to form on the surface of our eyes."

A new specialist tear clinic is now launching at the eyecare practice as they look to take down dry eyes, once and for all.